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Jelixza Sanchez

Over 10 Years of Experience

Welcome to Living Neatly, a company designed to meet your needs; to ensure you experience the simple joys of life like the scent of fresh linen, and an organized pantry. We offer two different services, cleaning and the upmost standard or organization. We believe that everything has its place and so we ensure to keep everything clean, and neat.

My name is Yelixza, and I am a New-York native. As a Latina, I was born with the broom in my hand. My mother installed the importance of taking pride in the space that is yours at a very young age, and I want to ensure the busiest, go-getters in the world, are able to find comfort in their spaces whether it be their office or home.

As a young girl, cleaning was always my safe haven– it was a place where I decompressed and was able to sing at the top of my lungs with no judgement. I hope to continue to do so all while ensuring my clients are happy. My team here at Living Neatly strives to meet your needs

Our Mission

We aim to meet the needs of our clients one service at a time. We hope to incorporate innovative ways to ensure the euphoric feeling is long lasting.

Our Vision

To deliver the highest quality of cleaning and organizing; to ensure we establish and build a credible reputation throughout the state of Florida.

Let us help you come home to a clean and organized space

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